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This webpage is hosted by the nonprofit Napa Sonoma ADU Center, working in collaboration with jurisdictions across Napa and Sonoma counties. Browse the gallery of ADU designs to find the one that works best for you.

What is Napa Sonoma ADU? What does it mean to be “pre-reviewed”? Which jurisdictions are participating? See answers to these and more frequently asked questions.

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IMPORTANT: Make sure to start with the Pre-Work to ensure the plan you select will be accepted by your jurisdiction. Also, remember that even “pre-reviewed” plans must be submitted along with additional information for final review and approval by your jurisdiction’s building department. Carefully review your jurisdiction’s submittal requirements. We highly recommend engaging the designer/architect or a contracting professional to help you through the permitting process.

ADU Plans Gallery

Plan Categories

“Permit-Ready” Plans

Plans that have been pre-reviewed for building code compliance. You will still need to work with an architect to submit the plan along with details about your site and other info to get a building permit, but a significant chunk of the work to get approval is already done!

Prefabricated ADUs

Prefabricated ADUs that are similarly pre-certified for code compliance, but are for units that are largely built off-site and then assembled on your property. For these plans, too, additional information will need to be submitted to your building department to get full approval.

Other ADU Designs

Other ADU Designs that you can license for use, saving on design costs, and then take to your building department for code review along with other required site information to get a building permit and start building your dream ADU.


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Terms & Conditions

I understand that by contacting the ADU designer or firm and potentially proceeding with the purchase (licensing) of an ADU plan, that I have read, understood and agree to the following terms and conditions:

1 – Approval Authority. I understand that my local jurisdiction’s building department has final review and approval authority for any ADU construction drawings and related permit application materials.

2 – Confirming Site Suitability Prior to Plan Purchase. I understand that it is my responsibility to understand what may or may not be allowed on my property by consulting with my local jurisdiction about requirements, regulations and limitations prior to purchasing an ADU plan.

3 – Plan Ownership and Responsibility. I understand that any plans I purchase are the property of the ADU designer or firm that developed them, and use of those plans are subject to any conditions, requirements or limitations established by the designer or firm.

4 – Liability from Plan Purchase and Use. I understand that any liability or legal action arising from my engagement with a designer or ADU firm or from the purchase and use of their plan shall be governed by the contract I sign with that designer or firm, and that Napa Sonoma ADU, under fiscal sponsorship of the Napa Valley Community Foundation, and Baird+Driskell Community Planning, who developed and manage the ADU gallery, are in no way a party to that contract or in any way, shape or form liable for my use of the plan and resulting ADU.

5 – “Pre-Review” Status. I understand that Napa Sonoma ADU, under fiscal sponsorship of Napa Valley Community Foundation, and Baird+Driskell Community Planning, acting as their contractor, engaged a third-party reviewer, BPR Consulting Group, to review some of the plans featured on the gallery for compliance with state building codes. The letter BPR Consulting Group’s review and conclusions is provided on the site as a courtesy, and represents BPR Consulting Group’s professional judgment based on the information provided to them by the relevant designer or ADU firm. Napa Sonoma ADU, Napa Valley Community Foundation and Baird+Driskell Community Planning do not warrant for the accuracy of the review and are in no way responsible or liable for their work. Further, Napa Sonoma ADU, Napa Valley Community Foundation and Baird+Driskell Community Planning do not claim or represent that BPR’s review letter has any authority in the review and approval process with any specific jurisdiction.

6 – Hold Harmless. I understand that Napa Sonoma ADU, under fiscal sponsorship of Napa Valley Community Foundation, and Baird+Driskell Community Planning have created this gallery as a service to help property owners search for ADU plans that may meet their needs and connect them with the ADU designer or firm that developed and owns those plans. Napa Sonoma ADU, Napa Valley Community Foundation and Baird+Driskell Community Planning in no way warrant or are liable for the quality, constructability or safety of any plan featured on the site or for any financial or legal issues resulting from a property owner’s engagement with a designer or firm located through use of the gallery page.


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