03 - ADU - 3-bed

Miguel Castellanos
1131 SF
Available soon! 3-bed plans include: • Energy Code Calculations • Photovoltaic (solar panels) calculations and design • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing plans.

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1131 SF

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3-bedroom ADU unit on the medium range. It includes 3 bedrooms, two full bathrooms, laundry/ mud room area, kitchen, breakfast area, and generous living room. The layout allows for an outdoor covered porch/ patio. Cost considerations: Materials scheduled are economical for a low construction cost but can be customized and submitted for Building Department approval. (customization not included in basic plan package). The simple, rectangular shape allows for efficient material procurement and layout for an inexpensive structure. The windows and doors are of mostly the same size for ease of procurement and installation. The use of wood framing roof trusses also allows for fast, inexpensive, efficient installation and an overall affordable structure. Accessibility considerations: The layout is not fully accessible but may be customized for a more accessible layout (customization not included in basic plan package). 36″ wide door is provided from front exterior door to bedrooms for a fully accessible path from exterior to bedrooms. Privacy considerations: The more “public” areas of the unit (kitchen and living room) can be oriented towards the primary residence, while the more “private” areas of the unit (bedrooms) would be further away from the primary residence. Context compatibility considerations: The style and materials scheduled (exterior plaster walls and asphalt shingle roof) are compatible with most architectural styles within the City of Bakersfield but may also be customized for a more homogeneous fit within specific neighborhoods (customization not included in basic plan package). Adaptability and customization considerations: The layout and construction type allow for material and style customization possibilities to satisfy a particular preference or fit within a specific neighborhood aesthetic (customization not included in basic plan package). Sustainability considerations: The footprint for the unit includes a small footprint and the use of simple geometry allows for efficient use of construction materials with minimum waste. By including the outdoor porch/ patio within the footprint of the unit, the hardscape footprint is limited to an overall rectangular shape, thus allowing for minimal land possibly requiring future expansions for outdoor activities. The Cooling and heating system scheduled is energy efficient for substantial savings over the life of the unit. The use of insulation at the roof framing allows for a more efficient thermal envelope and lower energy demands. Plan Features: energy calculations, photovoltaic system, roof truss layout and calculations are included as part of the Building Department pre-approved plans. Utility connection options are also indicated on the plans. Caveats: Because each site has very specific conditions, the plans are limited to the structure itself and will not include all necessary information for permit approval and/or construction. Variations such as property size, location, topography, orientation, and soils conditions, as well as other existing factors including utility location/ availability, size and placement of other structures and vegetation among others, will dictate the necessary adjustments to the plans for a complete set of permit documents. Project specific energy calculations, photovoltaic location/ capacity, framing system, utility connections, and similar systems may need to be adjusted or further developed to fit the property in question and will be accomplished separately from the standard set, during permit procurement.

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Default Option ("Cottage") - Standard Option: • Exterior siding wall finish • 6:12 roof slope • All electric appliances (unless "Gas Option" selected) option "B" ("Bungalow") - Optional Selection: • Exterior synthetic stucco wall finish • 4:12 roof slope • All electric appliances unless "gas" option selected "Gas" Option (with either Default or "B" options) - Optional Selection: • Natural gas appliances connections (water heater/ stove/ clothes dryer/ furnace)

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03 – ADU – 3-bed


Miguel Castellanos

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