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1196 SF
With a covered porch, this design comes in 3 pre-engineered plans. The Lakeport is a 3/2 with garage. The Bodega is an accessible 2/2 with garage. The Newport is an accessible 2/2 without a garage.

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1196 SF

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The Bodega, Lakeport and Newport plans are three of our many pre-engineered plans designed to be built using our framing packages. Factory built framing packages are higher quality, economical and a more efficient stick-built product than on-site framing. The pre-engineered plans that can be easily modified to meet the needs and style of the client, the site and the County including exterior finish, window style, roof pitch and adapting for a sloped site. The plans can be designed for either a slab or perimeter foundation. The Bodega with a two-car garage is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with a covered porch and a spacious great room with vaulted ceiling. The kitchen is centrally located with a large laundry room. The master features abundant storage and a bathroom with a walk-in shower. The Newport is the same floor plan without the garage and a gabled front porch. The Lakeport is the original 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a garage version of this plan. Using a framing package or panelized walls and manufactured trusses for a traditional custom stick-built home is a unique method to have a weathered in shell in days rather than months. It provides the framing for a custom home quickly, efficiently, and economically while affording complete customization of the interiors and the style of the home for the homeowner and any design requirements. • Higher custom quality than on-site framing • Reduced need for on-site labor • Time savings result in cost savings • Cleaner site provides safer work environment • Reduced time for inclement weather • Complete design flexibility • Perfect for the owner/contractor, DIY home builder or general contractor • Higher quality at a better price

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Floorplan variations

The Lakeport is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath plan with a large, covered porch and garage. The Bodega is modified to 2 bedrooms and 2 baths to be accessible for aging in place with a garage. The Newport is an accessible 2 bedroom, 2 bath without a garage. All have a covered porch and vaulted ceilings in the main area. They can be modified to fit your site, needs or the style of your home. Modifications can be: • Size • Reversible • Ceiling height • Exterior finish • Interior walls • Window style and size • Roof pitch • Slab or perimeter foundation • Door size and style • Sloped site • Flood zone • High fire

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N/A the cost of our plans is included in the cost of the framing package.

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Estimated construction cost

Exact costs vary based on site conditions, supply costs, labor costs, etc.

The current cost of construction of an ADU using one of our framing packages for a level lot with a standard perimeter foundation with modest finishes is about $450 sf with a garage and $400 sf without. This includes the framing package but excluding permit and professional fees, utilities, and site work.

Professional fee

The rate or cost the designer will charge to complete the plan for your specific parcel and project.

A two-hour consultation is offered for free. Modifications to the plans are $60 per hour for engineering, $135 for engineering. Adding WUI notes is $180. Additional engineering for pier and grade beam foundation and retaining walls.

Other estimated expenses

Not included in the permit set is the site plan, energy calcs ($450), PV design (deferred submittal) and CalGreen Checklist.

Additional Information

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Using a framing package is a unique way to build a custom home of any size. And we can create a framing package for any design and set of engineered drawings.

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Bodega / Newport / Lakeport


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