Double ADU Duplex

1175 SF
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Two-story ADU with two floor plan options. The design is unique in that you can build one ADU with the option of adding a second one later. The design works either a standalone ADU or as a duplex.

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1175 SF

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1, 2


To help abate the state-wide housing crisis, the California state government recently passed legislation to ensure local municipalities adopt policies to permit accessory dwelling units (ADUs) on lots zoned for single-family residential use. This effectively makes R-1 zoning (single-family) into duplex (two-unit) zoning. Some municipalities are even now looking at ways to permit two ADUs on a single-family lot as well as increasing height limits to allow two-story ADUs. The Double ADU Duplex concept anticipates these coming changes to single-family residential zoning. The ADU is designed to be flexible and easy to build. Inspired by the aesthetics of a backyard shed, the simple gable form and corrugated metal siding with darkened aluminum details lends the ADU a welcoming yet understated design. An optional 10’-0” deep deck in the front of the ADU provides semi-private outdoor space with enough room for grilling and small dining. The ADU is designed with the latest thinking in energy and water efficiency in mind. For example, fully electric appliances and heating systems mean natural gas is not required, thus preventing methane greenhouse gas emissions. An energy-efficient ductless mini-split heat pump system heats and cools the space while an electric tankless water heater heats the ADU’s hot water supply. Optional solar roof photovoltaics and a home battery storage system can also help reduce reliance on the regional electrical grid. In addition, low-flow plumbing fixtures help minimize water use. The exterior walls and roof assemblies are designed to Passive House standards with a high-performance insulated approach, yielding high R-values and reducing the demand on energy to power the space.

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Floorplan variations

There are two floor plans options within the same 17’-6” x 38’-0” building footprint: either a 1 bed/1.5 bath model (1,000 SF) or 2 bed/1.5 bath model (1,175 SF) Option A has a double-height space in the living room with a bonus ‘office’ mezzanine above. Option B adds a second bedroom in the space above the living room. The idea is that one could easily add two of these ADUs side-by-side to effectively create a backyard duplex.

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The double-height (two-story) accessory dwelling unit is a relatively new concept that responds to California cities and towns relaxing local height limit restrictions. With a compact footprint, this ADU model allows you to preserve more ground area in your backyard while being able to accommodate more square footage than you otherwise would in single-story ADU.

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Double ADU Duplex



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